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Dwca 2020-2021 Initiatives


Bowforth Park @  Downtown West

Q1-Q2 2020

The Downtown West Community Association is working in collaboration with the City of Calgary to bring you the latest temporary green space in our neighbourhood.


Nestled within our community, we are working hard to convert a previously barren patch of land next to the monestary into a park for use by the community. It will soon host benches and a fenced in area for our furry friends to run around. In the future, it may even be a great way to connect onto the Riverwalk pathway.

Covid 19

COVID-19 Response Projects

Q3-Q4 2020

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, the Downtown West Community Association was forced to re-evaluate our priorities for the year, as many events that we had planned were no longer possible.

In addition, we realize that members of the community face new challenges and we wanted to focus our time and resources on supporting the community through this difficult time. 

Between 'Brown Bag Lunches' and 'Balcony Concerts', stay tuned for more projects aimed at supporting and lifting the spirits of our fellow community members.

Future Of Steven Avenue

Q2-Q4 2020

The City of Calgary is working in partnership with stakeholders in and around 8th Ave to extend and revitalize Steven Avenue. While budget for the revitalization is years away, City Council has approved a modest budget to partner with community stakeholders and start looking for opportunities to innovate and experiment along the avenue. 


The Downtown West Community Association will continue to represent the community's interests during this experimentation phase and will render support to the City in order to extend the vibrancy that this project will create all the way down to our community.

we Need Your Help to Make Our Community A better Place To Live, Work, And Play!

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