Downtown West Community Association
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


CALL 9-1-1

WHEN… you feel anyone's safety is in jeopardy or you see a violent/criminal situation occurring.

Jacq Maurice
CALL 403.266.1234

WHEN... you feel a situation should be dealt with by police but there are no threats to anyone's safety. Police attend in a lesser-priority time. (CPS NON-EMERGENCY)

Jacq Maurice
CALL 403.998.7388

WHEN... you observe someone who is intoxicated, loitering, trespassing, or sleeping in an area they shouldn’t be but otherwise is peaceful and not aggressive.  (ALPHA HOUSE - D.O.A.P. TEAM. 9am-7am, 7 days/week)

Jacq Maurice
CALL 3-1-1

WHEN... reporting concerns such as graffiti, patio panhandlers, shopping carts, or buskers.

Jacq Maurice