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2018 Downtown West Community Cleanup/Recycle Day

We’d like to thank all the volunteers, the Kerby Centre, London Drugs, and the City of Calgary for such a successful event even though the weather was against us. Vehicles came from all over the city loaded to the brim with unwanted items. This is the first year we accepted important document shredding; unfortunately, we underestimated the amount we’d get and all five bins were completely filled by around 11am!

Our metal recycler’s truck/trailer were filled by 1:30pm and one of our garbage trucks was also filled to capacity.  There was plenty of yard waste for the organics truck. The city workers had fun with a pink shag rug they put on the ground at the rear of their garbage truck, providing quite a picture in the rain of pure luxury while feeding in the debris. Watching those garbage trucks devour couches and large furniture pieces in no time flat was somehow satisfying.  😊

The Kerby Centre staff cooked up burgers and hot dogs, and provided everyone with coffee, muffins, chips, water, and pop. KidseatRecycling took away 8 kid carseats for proper recycling. The Calgary Immigrant Support Society collected a number of good bikes for their cause. WINS (Women In Need Society) collected a truckload of household items for their not-for-profit stores.


“In my opinion, the ‘sweet spot’ at the event was at the hotdog/burger grill:  the warmest, driest, best-smelling area - with a lovely, friendly gal diligently grilling up free hot food for everyone!”

“The City guys with that totally soaked and muddy pink rug laid out behind the garbage truck like a red carpet – hilarious!”

“Nice how the sun came out 20 minutes after the event ended. That’s some hard cheese.”