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Nov 2017: Multi-Family Buildings Are Now Required to Divert Food/Yard Waste

Click image for printable poster

Click image for printable poster

Multi-family food and yard waste in Calgary

As of Nov. 1, 2017, multi-family complexes like apartments and condos are required to separate food and yard waste from the garbage for composting or diversion.  Similar to the multi-family recycling requirements, building owners and managers have the choice to seek out a food and yard waste service provider, and decide the best way to offer and manage the service.

If your building does not have a food and yard waste program after Nov. 1, 2017, please ask your building owner or manager if they are setting up a program. If a program is not provided, please contact us by filling out the online request HERE>>

Tips for reducing food waste

You can save a lot of money by preventing food waste. It is estimated that Canadian households throw away an average of $28 worth of food each week. That adds up to $1,456 a year!  HERE you will find simple tricks to ensure that no food goes to waste in your home.

Top 5 Things You Thought Were Compostable (but Aren't) offers you a list of top 5 things you thought were compostable (but aren’t).  They'll also be addressing more recycling questions that came in.  READ MORE HERE>>


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