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Century Gardens Park, a Calgary historic resource, was developed in 1975 to celebrate Calgary’s Centennial as an abstraction of the Rocky Mountains and Foothills.  Now 40+ yrs old, the park’s mechanical and electrical equipment and some above-ground features are reaching the end of their lifecycle and need upgrading. 

Construction Update: May 14, 2018

The redevelopment project is well underway, selected site demolition and cleanup will be completed by the end of May. During the demolition process, we were surprised to find a significant amount of buried concrete and rebar including remnant foundations from buildings that existed on the site prior to 1975 and the beginnings of Century Gardens. 

With demolition nearing completion the next step is to install underground utilities and mechanical components to support the renewed fountains, new splash pond, washrooms and pavilion buildings.

New park construction is scheduled to begin by the middle of May with a completion date scheduled for Fall 2019.  

Construction impacts

Although we are trying to minimize disruption to the area outside the park, we expect the following occasional temporary closures as required:

  • The 8 Street SW sidewalk alongside the park.
  • The 8 Avenue SW sidewalk alongside the park.
  • Single lane closures along 8 Street SW and 8 Avenue SW.

To minimize and control dust we continue to soak and compact the ground regularly.

Redevelopment highlights

The concept for the site redevelopment was created with extensive public engagement. The changes will make the park more open and welcoming, while preserving historic fountains.

  • New year-round washrooms
  • A small grassed amphitheater
  • Retained historic fountains
  • Retained public art
  • A new central splash pond with water jets
  • Upgraded fountains, landscaping, lighting and security
  • Wider entrances, improved site lines and increased route options
  • Seventy new trees and sixteen retained trees.

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Giving CG Park some love, 2005 . 

Giving CG Park some love, 2005