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Jacquie Maurice passed away suddenly June 2018

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Comments from the community:

Wow. That’s shocking. Jacquie has been a sort of kindred spirit to me. She contacted me through the Calgary Association of Skateboarding website a couple of years ago and we had some great conversations about activating space and neighbourhoods. I’m really sorry to hear of her passing. 

I’m so sorry to hear this, and for your and the community’s loss. This is such sad news.

If it helps at all, I received an email from Jacquie on June 19th at 7pm. I think you were copied on that email as well. 

Oh, my goodness. Gary, my sincere condolences! I was wondering why Jacquie didn’t respond to the Summer proof. I just thought for once it was perfect an no corrections needed. I could never get a hold of her by phone. I will miss her so. I know the community of Downtown West won’t be the same. 

Oh my god. Shocking is hard to digest and hard to believe. She was a great addition to our board and a beautiful human.  I wish peace for his family. 

This is truly shocking and saddening news. Jacquie was an excellent addition to the board over the past year, bringing new energy, excitement and passion for the community and the CA.

I feel honoured to have had many great conversations with Jacquie and work with her. 

Thoughts and prayers to her family in this grieving time.

A very sad event and great loss for the DTW Community. Jacquie has made a significant contribution in so many ways by creating an identity and by reaching out to DW residents with The Voice. We will miss her enthusiasm, drive and commitment to improve the way we do things. May she Rest In Peace. Thank you, Jacquie. 

Folks, I would like to also express my condenses to her family. This is a very sad news. May she Rest In Peace.  

My most sincere condolences to Jacquie’s family and friends and to all those who knew her. She was a force and was one of truest forms of altruism around. She will be deeply missed by myself and many.   

I am so very sorry for the loss of Jacquie.  In the brief time I met her she was a firecracker and I could tell she was dedicated. Such a shock to all of you I know. Please send on my condolences and best wishes to her family. 

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. To God be the glory for her good life. 

Sad to hear the news of Jacqie's passing....... We will miss her ideas and enthusiasms.

Gary YoungComment