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West LRT November 2011 Status Report

Here are some highlights from the November 2011 Status Report (from east to west):          Painting the elevated guideway is completed.

  • Crews installed the pedestrian bridge span north of the Sunalta Station.
  • The 24 Street S.W. pedestrian bridge is completed with work underway on the north and south accesses. The bridge is currently scheduled to open in late fall 2011.
  • Track plinths and LRT rail construction continue in the two LRT tunnels.
  • Crews are installing the acoustic sound control application within the LRT station.
  • Crews began installing the glass covering in the steel arches and the retaining and station wall painting is completed at the 45 Street Station.
  • Traffic was shifted from the 17 Avenue S.W. detour road onto the new 17 Avenue S.W. interchange bridge.
  • Cooper roof installation began at the Sirocco Station
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