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Alpha House Moving into Science Centre July 15

Due to the recent State-of-Emergency, the Province has designed the Science Centre as an emergency shelter. 

Excerpt from a note sent to a concerned resident by Alderman John Mar. 

Thank you for your note regarding Alpha House.

I, like you, was advised that the Province of Alberta was moving the Alpha House to the Science Centre, I did not, nor would I have chosen that location.

As you know, the Alpha House has been flooded and they need three months to repair the damage.

Under the powers afforded by the State-of-Emergency, the Province designated the Science Centre as an emergency shelter and the City is cooperating.

I have been assured by the Calgary Police Service that they will ensure the safety of our Citizens and property during the time that they will be sheltered in the old Science Centre.

My understanding is that the Alpha House will also be providing additional support staff to ensure their clients are also provided the additional level of support required.

Whilst this is not an ideal situation, the Kerby Centre and the Downtown West Community Association have been also advised of this temporary sheltering. 

Furthermore, there is a written agreement between the Province of Alberta and the City of Calgary allowing the shelter to begin on July 15th, after Stampede for a three month period.

Most Respectfully,

John Mar

Alderman, Ward 8

City of Calgary