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New 5th Avenue Lane Reversal Starts Tuesday, May 19

Starting on Tuesday May 19th, two lanes of 5th Avenue S.W. will have a lane reversal to allow for westbound traffic between 7th Street S.W. and approximately 11th Street S.W.

This lane reversal will reduce congestion on 4th and 6th Avenues during the evening rush hour, between 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm weekdays, not including holidays.

It is important that citizens' pay close attention to all signage along the lane reversal route. There will be a lot of changes between 7th and 11th Streets S.W. and we want to keep everyone safe while they adjust to the new direction.

The lane reversal will be in place for approximately six months as a pilot, after which time its success will be evaluated and next steps considered. During the pilot, traffic barricades and other control devices will be used to operate the lane reversal.

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