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Calgary's Best Neighbourhoods 2011: Best Investments

Looking to get into the Calgary real-estate game?

In this boom-bust city, we love to talk real estate, and our favourite stories are about who is making a killing on resale. Of course, the best part is to be the one making the killing.

High perceived-resale potential, as well as good investment opportunity, ranked as the sixth most-important factor or amenity in making a neighbourhood appealing.

To determine which neighbourhoods have the highest resale or investment potential, we looked at the survey responses on the perception of resale, as well as the percentage of homes and condos in each neighbourhood that had a civic tax assessment increase over the previous year.

These were the five neighbourhoods that indicated the best investment or resale potential:

1. Downtown West 2. Winston Heights/Mountview 3. Elbow Park 4. Wildwood 5. Mount Pleasant

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