Downtown West Community Association
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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20 - Minute Make Over

Downtown West Community Association members and employees and friends of Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation got together in the late spring and actively planned to participate in two very special events that were aimed at raising awareness in our community not only of our unique presence in the community but also hopefully to provide an opportunity for Downtown West residents to get out into the Community and meet some of their neighbours. The first event, Calgary’s Annual “20-Minute Makeover” took place on June 8th and saw participants from many areas of the downtown core don their yellow T-Shirts, grab a garbage bag and spend 20 minutes picking up litter off our downtown streets.  The actual event, sponsored by the City of Calgary along with Glad Garbage Bags and Downtown Calgary Association was held on June 8th. The official launch was held on May 19th at City Hall where Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Alderman Drew Farrell and Alderman John Mar all showed up in great spirits, together with many other volunteers from downtown core businesses, to kick-off the event.

On the day of the event, Downtown West Community Association volunteers as well as employees from Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation all met at the Attainable Homes offices on 6th Avenue at noon, enjoyed some coffee and sweets (gratefully donated by Castle’s Classic Bake Shop on 6th Avenue – YUMMY!) and set off at precisely 12:20 p.m. to clean up the streets in our community.  Notwithstanding the rain that hit about 10 minutes in, a great time was had by all the participants and many, many bags of litter were collected.  All in all a very successful event with immediate pay-off in terms of cleaner streets and sidewalks!

A great time was had by all volunteers and the plan is to do it all again next year. Hope to see you there!