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7 Avenue LRT Refurbishment Phase 2 Weekly Update Issue: February 6, 2012

The following is a general overview of the upcoming activities planned for the week of February 6, 2012. Note that these activities may change depending on the site conditions and other variables encountered on the project. Intersection of 11 Street and 7 Avenue Downtown West Calgary Association; Mewata Armoury; Science Centre Current Progress The intersection of 7 Avenue and 11 Street is closed for track installation. Pedestrian access across 7 Avenue at 11 Street is now closed. Detours are shown on site. Look Ahead The intersection of 7 Avenue and 11 Street will be reopened in March. 7 Avenue between 10 Street and 11 Street S.W. Kerby Centre; Small Parking Lot; West End Apartments; West Pointe Plaza Condos, Provincial Parking Lot; Total Skin Care Centre; Chartwell Technology; Mainstreet Equity; Darsi Enterprises Current Progress Placing of concrete to grade beams that will be used to support the LRT Station Platforms using concrete pumps. Placing of concrete to sidewalks. Heating of concrete, setting up ground thawing equipment, and erection of tent structure. Intermittent noise and vibrations may be expected due to concrete pumps. Track installation has begun. 7 Avenue between 10 Street and 9 Street Athabasca University; Plaza 1000 , Altalink; SNC Lavalin Transmission and Distribution; Marvel College; Calgary Association of Self Help; International House Calgary; Impark Lot 19 Current Progress Pulling signal wiring through installed ducts banks. Signal wiring is used to communicate signal information to the LRT’s (weather permitting). Excavate concrete to install wiring conduit. Intermittent noise and vibrations may be expected due to breaking out of concrete. Look Ahead Signal wiring to be completed by mid- February.

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