Downtown West Community Association
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Diverse & Evolving

About Downtown West & the DWCA

Situated between 8 Street SW and 14 Street SW and between the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) tracks and the Bow River (see map below), Calgary's Downtown West is a well-established "vertical village" neighbourhood that's also still evolving its identity. 

We are a unique and integrated neighbourhood - a mix of historic, ethnic, new, vertical, and green - which all help contribute to Calgary's world-class identity.

Downtown West cherishes its heritage resources - Mewata Armoury, the Kerby Centre and the former Science Centre site - and is proud to invite everyone to Shaw Millennium Park, and enjoy the same quick walk to the Bow River which we who live here enjoy.  The massive annual Stampede Parade makes its big turn in the centre of our vertical village every July.

But we do face our challenges.

In recent years, Downtown West has experienced a significant amount of residential development. However, it stands as an "island" at the west end of the Centre City, lacking the qualities of amenity and integration that would provide a stronger sense of identity.  

Downtown West, although strong in its adjacency to the Bow River, it is not well-connected for pedestrian movements to the Bow riverfront, surrounding neighbourhoods, and Downtown. The substantial amount of east-west vehicular movements bisect the neighbourhood - therefore we are not yet fully achieving the components of an integrated neighbourhood.

The policies for Downtown West seek to provide a stronger sense of place, and to better integrate it as a neighbourhood both within and as a part of the Centre City.

Downtown West End Area - click for larger map

Downtown West End Area - click for larger map


The DWCA was formed in 2002 by a concerned group of residents from the Downtown West End.  As Gordon Smith, founding president, recalls a visit to the Alderman's office in 2001:

"I had just moved into the Axxis in January 2001 and there were a lot of new buildings under construction ... Marquis, Riverwest, and new development permits being processed for others.  The new community was growing fast.  The Alderman wanted a community association so that she could communicate better with residents; all of Ward 8 except Downtown West had a Community Association.  I found from City Hall that a few people in the community had been interested in trying to form a Community Association. So I contacted them and we became the founding members."

Directors for the 2017–2018 Term

Gary Young - President

Gordon Smith - Vice President

Dr. Mohie Bakinson - Treasurer

Derrick Ho-Chung-Qui - Director

Dick Hehr - Director

Manu Chugh - Director

Farnaz  Sadeghpour - Director

Carlos Giovanazzi - Director

Jacquie Maurice - Director, Communications

Jean-Michel Crepin - Director


DWCA Documents

Download DWCA Annual General Meeting minutes, presentations, and more.